Jul 25

Demerits Of Ppc Advertising

In spite of pay per click being one of most powerful internet advertising tool it still has some pitfalls associated with it. In fact there are many internet marketers who are not in favour of using this medium of advertising for their online business promotion purpose due to some of the disadvantages associated with it.

The pay per click advertisements are generally placed on high traffic websites and it is mostly successful in receiving decent volume of visitors. But recent survey reports in this area shows that even though this advertising model is successful in pulling traffic to the targeted website but in comparison to that the total conversion rate is really poor. And another fact is that PPC ad does not guarantee that by placing the ads to the relevant website the advertiser will receive the traffic turn out from the targeted group of people.

Many internet marketers i.e. advertisers have become the victim of click fraud in PPC advertising campaigns. It is seen that there are lot of publishers who generate lots of click through their own program and thereby manipulate the campaign to earn extra money.

The fundamental of pay per click advertising depends on the careful selection of relevant keywords. It needs you to do research on the keywords and those who lack the knowledge in this area and choose wrong or irrelevant keywords may not be able to generate the desired traffic volume. According to the recent trends the high priced keywords are highly generalized and even though it helps in generating high traffic volume but the actual conversion rate is not so good.

PPC also turns out to be too expensive when the bids for particular keywords are high. One more important factor is content in PPC campaign, so if the copywriter fails to create the magic content then the placing of ads in highly targeted website may also not be able to help in pulling high volume of visitors.


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