Jan 27

Important Roles of Advertising in Society

Advertising is a marketing strategy that seeks to satisfy and inform the general public by addressing their particular needs through services and goods as well as generating sales and trends. Marketing and advertising are major elements in the success of a business. The two should work side by side in order for the other to work effectively. Although there is a change in the way people presents advertising, the purpose and role of this method has not changed a lot. Whether a business advertises its products or services in newspapers, televisions and magazine, advertising promotes a broad product range. The following are the functions of advertising.

Promoting Purchases

Advertising mainly functions to promote purchases of goods and services. A number of industries depend on this method more than other marketing strategies. For example, it is important for a cereal company to have more aggressive advertising than a power company because there are a lot of competing products out there. There are many ways that advertisers can influence consumers to buy certain products which include satiating scarcity through which they can stress that the offered product can satiate it.

Depicting Trends in Culture

Advertising can create and reflect culture. A lot of commercial advertisements make use of popular music or make jingles with rhythms and beats demonstrating top hits. Also, advertisements utilize blockbuster movie elements with styles including lighting, camera angles and single line slogans or jokes. In fact, ads also depict the society’s beliefs and main attitude. For example, house cleaning products were targeted to 1950 white women while such products were pitched to broader groups of audience today that include children, men and minorities.

Increase Economic Development

With advertising, a lot of people are inspired to shop and the economy is stimulated by the shopping attitude of the public. Indirectly, advertising plays a role in maintaining economic health. Consumer spending is monitored by economists monthly or quarterly in the fields of retail sales, durable goods and home buying. A robust economy results from high spending levels.

Stressing Contention

Consumers are not expected to receive advertising messages and goals in a passive way all the time. In a number of instances, they will disagree with what advertisers aimed at especially when the advertising is aimed towards susceptible young individuals. Unhealthy food purveyors are expectedly susceptible to the anger of the public. There are many concerned citizens who emphasize the regulation of companies that offer unhealthy food in terms of their advertising techniques.


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