Jun 10

Leads Are The Backbone of Any Business

Do you need more leads for your business? This seems like a silly question, doesn’t it? Seriously, wouldn’t every business owner answer this with a big fat “yes”?

The truth is, there are businesses that have as much business as they need. Taking on any more could actually cause them to be counter productive. While having an overabundance of leads seems like it’s a good problem to have, you could actually shoot yourself in the foot if you are unable to service them in a timely manner. If a mechanic has a full garage every week and suddenly he gets 30 new customers, he is already at full capacity and is probably going to upset these new customers if he can’t take them in quickly enough.

Being at full capacity 100% of the time is rare. And the times when business dries up often feels more extensive than when operating at full capacity. This is where having a lead generation system in place can fill in those gaps.

There are many ways to generate leads but the strongest for most business owners is a live call. This type of lead has the greatest chance of getting a sale than any other type. It makes sense. You’re on the phone with a prospect and they are asking questions about your business. When seeking out a lead generation company, it’s a good idea to make sure they service this type of lead.

Email capture leads are a pretty good way to generate leads. This is where a potential customer lands on a website and is to enter a name and email. Often the motivation for a visitor to agree to this is getting something for free in return. That could be a free report, a video, or just about anything imaginable.

The biggest problem with this type of lead is website visitors are not receptive to this as they used to be. With an overabundance of such offers scattered throughout the web, many visitors are hesitant to leave valid information for fear of getting their inbox bombarded with offer after offer. More people are choosing to enter false information which makes the lead worthless.

A third way to generate leads is to purchase lists. Before the internet, this was a fantastic way to get leads. Today, with all of the list swapping that goes on, unless you can find a good list, the leads aren’t going to be worth much. Plus, these lists can be very stale or even contain many invalid addresses.

You have probably determined at this point that my favorite method is live call leads. These will be the most expensive but at the end of the day, if they produce results they could be well worth the expense.


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