Mar 25

Online Advertising Has Changed Marketing Forever

Online advertising has changed the way the world markets. Here is why online advertising has changed the way the world does business.

Advertising has always been a strange melding of art and science and online advertising is really no different. The advancements of the World Wide Web over the past two decades have really changed the way people do business as well as conduct their lives. Just about anything can be purchased online these days and a large portion of the population is choosing to go that route for all their needs. Thus, online advertising has had to advance along with the internet.

What is great about online advertising is the gigantic reach it has for relatively low, or in some cases no cost at all. Unlike, other mediums, your audience is anyone with an internet connection who cruises the web looking for products or services. That means the whole world is your audience. If someone in Australia sees your website and likes what you do, then they are a potential customer just as much as the person down the street is. And, unlike other advertising mediums the cost of reaching that Australian market is cheap and easy to do. Imagine having to arrange for print or TV advertising half way round the world!

There are just as many ways to do online advertising as there are ways to do traditional advertising. Your online advertising campaign starts the second you launch your website, or blog for that matter. It begins with your search engine optimization program and leads into other advertising options such as link sharing or baiting and pay per click campaigns. Some of these options are free and others you pay for.

An effective online advertising campaign doesnt have to be expensive to work. A good example is SEO. For instance, if you have done your research and know what are the best key words and keyword phrases for your website to rank well in an organic search, then you can embed those words in your website and when a search is done for those keywords your site will pop up high in the search results. Thats free advertising right there. It is the same thing with link sharing where you share links with another website. There are so many ways online advertising can work well for any website. The prudent marketer will search out free and paid online advertising programs.


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