Feb 27

Passive Marketing

Active, or hands on marketing has the advantage of being able to get customers quickly and either validate an idea, or prove it to be non viable. The chief disadvantage with such a hands on campaign, however, is that it is very time intensive, and thus, not terribly efficient.

The alternative then, is to design passive marketing systems. Now, by passive marketing, I do not mean to imply that no work is involved. Only that the bulk of the work takes place on the front end, and once the system is in place, you can reap the benefits of it month in and month out, with very little in the way of additional effort put forth by you.

Obviously, this has a variety of advantages, and so, we must next move into some discussion of exactly how to establish such a system.

Among the most effective of these systems is internet niche marketing.

For a small business, this specifically means a targeted niche site that describes you, your business, and what youre offering.

There have been dozens, if not hundreds of books written on the particulars of how to go about doing this, but Ill distill the basic process into a few steps and outline how you want to approach it. Its not hard, but it does take work, patience, and concentrated effort in order to succeed.

1)Find niche keywords that real people are actively searching on, and that relates to the services youre offering. Start by focusing on keywords with 10 30 (or more) searches per day and with fewer than 50k potentially competing sites. These, youll be able to rank well for and start getting traffic to your site organically.

2)Write original content articles around these keywords and build in references to your product offerings (again, with a means of contacting you)

3)Market your new content niche over a short, intensive period with 10+ original articles and 20+ directory submissions (NOT the same thing as search engine submission, which you actually dont want to do).

These three basic steps will get your niche site ranking and seen, and at this point, youll start getting traffic and some referrals from the site. At this point, put the niche site in maintenance mode. Dont outright forget about it, but market much less intensively (periodically adding new content and doing additional article/directory marketing as you find time).

Done well, youll see a steady influx of traffic to the site and with consistent, persistent, low key marketing as a follow up, your traffic stream will only increase over time. In about a months time, your niche site will be adding to your bottom line, and will continue to do so month after month, with little additional action needed by you.


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