Mar 29

Ppc Advertising Long Tail Keywords

As a pay per click affiliate, youre essentially providing a retail outlet for the advertisers whose pay per click ads appear on your website. This is why you should do some research and think carefully about what kind of customers you want to draw in. So how do you increase the rate at which people actually click on your pay per click advertising? One way is by targeting a very specific customer: the one whos ready to buy now. One of the biggest problems youll have is figuring out how to target just customers who are actually ready to buy while avoiding a lot of empty traffic. The best way to do this is through long tail keywords.

So how do you go about choosing keywords for your pay per click ad campaign? The key is to think like a customer. Look at what your website content includes and think about phrases people would type in if they wanted to find it. Next, go a step further and add some three or four word phrases that very specifically define your information.

Long tail keywords are three or four words long, and they are built to target customers who know exactly what theyre looking for. When Bob already knows exactly what kind of car he wants to buy, his internet searches on the subject will start getting much more specific. This is the time when the iron is hot. Its best to strike that iron now before it cools off!

When you use long tail keywords in your website content, you also provide a valuable resource for your PPC advertisers. They also use long tail keywords to target customers who are ready to buy something this very second. After all, if Sue is looking for a specific kind of vacuum cleaner but shes not sure exactly what brand it is, she might type in what kind of vacuum cleaner shes looking for. Advertisers know that people who search for vacuum cleaners are just in the researching stage, and theyre not ready to buy yet. They want more general information about what kinds of vacuum cleaners are available. However, since Sue already knows what kind of vacuum cleaner she wants, then she can type that into a search engine and hopefully come up with a website that will link her directly (through a PPC ad) to someone who sells that kind of vacuum.


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