May 21

Reasons to Generate Leads With Self-Replicated Websites

If you are in a business or industry that relies on fast and reliable lead generation, you should consider the true potential of self-replicated websites. These are provided to your affiliates and members to act as landing pages for the product or service that is being sold, capture basic information, and provide more information to those who are interested. Here are five reasons why you should be generating your leads in this manner:

1 – Predesigned and Easy to Use

Rather than taking the time to coach and teach every single affiliate, you can simply assign them a link to their own landing page. Thus, instead of having to learn how to operate a system or taking the time to figure out how to build a website of their own, your affiliates can get down to business recruiting and selling. These things are what generate the money in your industry – not spending your precious time to coach affiliates on how to use a system.

2 – Information is Available around the Clock

People shop for products and services at all hours of the day and night. After all, there is a reason why infomercials are aired during the wee hours of the morning. Chances are, there are people out there who are interested in what you are offering during these hours, too. Self-replicated websites allow their information to be captured without any human interaction at first.

3 – The Initial Follow-Up Is Automated

Generating leads can be compared to pouring liquid through a small funnel. As you add more and more leads, some will fall through the spout and eventually become sales. However, some will spill over the top of the funnel; these can be compared to the individuals who visit the site but never make a purchase. With self-replicated websites, an autoresponder will immediately send out an email to interested prospects. This means that you’ll only need to interact with the individuals who are truly interested in what you are offering and help to guide them through that funnel.

4 – All of the Tools You Need in One Place

Self-replicated websites come in a package that offers up tons of great features that you can use to help your business realize more success than ever before. Lead capture pages, autoresponders, online contact managers, integration with social media, calendars, task lists, custom web forms, applications for Android or iPhone smartphones, and tons of other features all work together to provide a seamless way to improve your brand’s recognition.

5 – A Uniform Online Presence

In direct sales and multilevel marketing, it is important for your brand to truly stand out if it is to be noticed. As such, having a logo and color scheme that is uniform across all of your affiliate’s websites is incredibly important. Self-replicating websites do just that; they allow each person in your stream to have his or her own site while still maintaining the uniformity you need to succeed.

There are plenty of great reasons why you should consider using self-replicating websites to generate leads, but the most important one of all is their efficiency and their ability to help you focus your precious time and resources on other aspects of your campaign.


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