Aug 12

Social Media Marketing And The Modern Business

Social media marketing (SMM) is a crucial component of successful online marketing strategies. The world is heading into a new era of virtual online communities in which people regularly congregate, make connections, share multiple conversations, insights and advice. More than just meeting friends at a local hangout, these online communities extend world wide and the opportunities to connect and socialize with people from across the world are limitless.

An important element of online marketing success is the ability for an online marketer to initiate and take part in conversations with a specific target audience available on social network sites. The number of people who rely on online social networks to assist them in making personal decisions is increasing. In a recent survey it was discovered that 4 out of 10 businesses find that connecting and communicating with their customers on social media sites is helpful.

Companies are rethinking and reinvesting their marketing budgets in support of social media initiatives. When Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is properly coalesced with SSM, email and affiliate marking the quality and volume of your internet traffic will boost.

There are certain elements of traditional marketing that will not work with online social media. To better suit social media settings the best practices and strategies of traditional marketing must be tailor made to fit this new market. New positions like Social Media Marketing Director or Social Media Brand Manager is just the beginning. Facebook and Twitter are driving forces in this emerging field.

Keep in mind that online social networks value community over slick marketing techniques, this is important in trying to figure out the best way to increase your sharing, traffic or readership. For a moment, imagine sitting at the dinner table where everyone is sitting around talking about good times and enjoying good food. Now imagine someone walking in standing on the table with a megaphone trying to pitch photo albums to keep those precious moments alive. This scenario may seem a bit ridiculous but the insight to marketing on social networks is invaluable. If you are simply trying to push a product the effort becomes transparent and your audience will not respond how you intended.

SMM is about creating and maintaining online relationships that tastefully adds to the community allowing you to subtly shape their actions and decisions with your own interactions and insight. Replying to user generated sharing, questions and comments is one successful way to achieve this. Responding to the passionate comment on one of your posts and keeping an open communication. This open communication and trust is necessary in creating a successful SMM campaign.


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